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researches and developments in molecular genetics

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development of new advanced technologies and their further commercialization

Research areas


Prostate cancer testing

Development of noninvasive prostate cancer diagnostics using urine


Chromosomal abnormalities testing

Development of test-system for early prenatal noninvasive testing of fetal abnormalities (Down, Edward, Patau and other syndromes)


Genetical fingerprinting and paternity(kinship) testing

Development of test for Genetical fingerprinting and paternity(kinship)


Prostate cancer is the most common oncopathology among men and is responsible for 3% death of male aged 50 years and over.

50 years old men have about 40% chance of getting prostate cancer. Prevalence proportion of the incidence cases among men younger than 40 years – 1 per 10 000; among men aged 60 years – 1 per 100; among men of 75 – 1 per 8. The disease usually remains asymptomatic during the first 2-4 years, and without treatment leads to death after 5-7 years.

Project product is a test system for prostate cancer diagnostics based on PCR technology and using patient’s urine.

Final user – clinical laboratories, which examine patients with suspected prostate oncopathologies.


Down syndrome is a significant social and medical problem.

The possible solution is early accurate testing of fetus during embryonal development. The project kit for aneuploidy detection in the fetus DNA using a pregnant mother's blood is based on the digital PCR method, which provides the high diagnostic performance and makes it available for almost every laboratory.


Project product – diagnostic solution for personal identification based on the real-time PCR technology which is generally available and inexpensive.

It can be used both in the "family medicine" (paternity, maternity and other family relationships), as well as in forensics and disaster medicine (identification of the criminals).

About Us

Our products are the embodiment of cutting edge science

GeNext LLC is a technology company of Ulyanovsk NanoCenter ULNANOTECH that was created in partnership with TestGene LLC in 2014 as a competence center in biotechnology and molecular genetics.

The Center’s business-model is based on the organization of research process, development of emerging technologies and their onward commercialization.

The company’s team is highly skilled, young, half of which has PhDs, and all have experience in the science and participation in foreign trainings and collaborations.

We are authors of many scientific publications and developments. The company have their own high-technology laboratory satisfied all the essential requirements and allowed to implement unique for Russia and the whole world researches.

GeNext Service

  • Genotyping of an individual, plants and animals according to any of known mutations and polymorphisms
  • Development of reagent kits from scientific level to the level of clinical application

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